Trouble, Trouble Music Video

This song.

This song is full of sunshine and horns and keyboard solos and shiny soul singers. It’s a 3.5 minute tale concerning the impermanence of strife. This is a song that reminds you real quick, with joy, that we all share anxiety over innumerable human catastrophes.

Take a deep breath. Rip up a magazine. Ask for forgiveness. Meditate. Do a bird dance with your inner child. Trouble is but a single compartment on a giant ferris wheel in constant rotation. It’ll pass.

I got to direct the video.

Wow, whaaat?

It came together through the generous, angelic efforts and brilliant star qualities of some exceptional people. The process was an honor and a pleasure.

Feel free to ask detailed questions about everyone involved so I can passionately validate that you need to work with them next.

Cast and Crew

Director: Ashton Guy
Director of Photography: Brian Nelligan
A​sst Director/Editor: Justin Wilson
Choreographer: Lory Lyon
Art Direction​ &​ Costumes: Ashton Guy
Set Design: Jet, Gent, Ziel
​Executive ​Produce​r​: Leaders & Flares

​Shinyribs Cast​:

Kevin Russell
Jeff Brown
Winfield Cheek
Keith Langford
Alice Spencer
Mark Wilson


Brinnley Toth
Beth Alemayoh
Katie Byrnes
Kara King
Leslie Lozano
Lory Lyon
Elliott Richards
Trey Worth


Cindy Schmid
Chris Saunders
Merrill Wade

Single: Trouble, Trouble
Album: I Got Your Medicine
Released: February 24, 2017