Ashton Guy | About
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Self Portrait 12/15

I tumble around Austin as a full-time creator and color injector. My work is fed by intimacy, energy, strangeness, and equality in all forms. I believe our surroundings can always be more stirring, more colorful, and reflect more of who we are and what we are inspired by. Our environment can intentionally stimulate our optimism and our imagination if we make it so.


My charge is to discover and project a subject’s inner light and sense of mischief through any representation I create. I like to mix media such as soft pastels, oil paint, ink, acrylic, and pencils to show different points of insight and texture. I create pieces with the hope that anything that comes out of me and goes home to live with you will brighten your life and foster your own creativity.


2016 projects: Painting large portraits for the African American Cultural Heritage District, crafting wall decor for BABESFEST and #BOSSBABESATX events, directing music videos, hosting art nights and gallery shows at Cement Loop, embellishing Coldtowne Theater‘s windows with words and faces, taking digital art courses, designing gig posters, throwing up my first mural on the east side, and making a habit of saying ‘yes! and…’


You can reach me at, on Instagram as @ashtonketchupmustardguy, and on Snapchat as ashtonguy5. I publish my life on the internet to entertain my younger siblings (and you, if you’re cool like us).